cryo coin 2014 cold storage

Cryo Coin Cold Storage Coin


Cryo Coin is the best solution to offline cold storage of crypto-currencies for those that prefer a more familiar and traditional form.

Fire proof* – Flood proof – Nickel coated brass – Ceramic-glass etched
*up to 1650°F (900°C)

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CryoBit introduces our next great product – Cryo Coin (available for pre-order now)

Cryo Coin is the next best solution to offline cold storage of crypto-currencies for those that prefer a more familiar and traditional form. Engineered to withstand almost anything that mother nature can throw at it; Cryo Coin is machined from brass and then coated in highly polished nickel. This nickel coating demonstrates excellent resistance to acids and bases, fresh and salt water, UV exposure, and most organic solvents. In total, Cryo Coin’s construction will resist temperatures of up to 1650°F (900°C). Like Cryo Card, Cryo Coin’s reverse side is also marked by the same high-contrast proprietary ceramic-glass composite. The combination of this marking material and nickel base layer makes Cryo Coin also highly scratch resistant.

Unlike other physical crypto-currency coin manufacturers, Cryo Coin requires no unreliable tamper-proof holograms or stickers. Utilizing offline AES-256 encryption*, your newly generated or existing Private Key can never be known to us or any other entity that does not know your personally chosen passphrase. The encryption process is performed in your own browser – not on our servers – so your passphrase is never seen by us. You can even disconnect your device from the Internet while generating and encrypting a new encrypted Private Key (or encrypting an existing one) and re-connect to complete your order. This can help to ensure that your Private Key and chosen passphrase are not potentially compromised. We also accept previously encrypted Private Keys for new orders. However, we will not accept unencrypted Keys for any Cryo Coin order.

All Cryo Coins are custom made in-house per your order. This adds an extra layer of security as no outside manufacturer has visibility to your coin’s (albeit encrypted) information. Cryo Coin will start shipping in two weeks.

We ship worldwide. Expedited shipping for all orders is also available.

*Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 38 (BIP38) encryption standard.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 oz

1.750 D x .120 in thick


Nickel coated brass with ceramic-glass etch

Melting Point

1650°F (900°C)