Tarjeta de Cryo

Tarjeta de Cryo es la solución definitiva a fuera de línea de almacenamiento en frío de todos los cripto-monedas.

Prueba de fuego - prueba de inundaciones - AMS 5524 Acero Inoxidable - cerámica de vidrio grabado al agua fuerte

Cryo Coin

Cryo Coin es la mejor solución a fuera de línea de almacenamiento en frío de cripto-monedas para aquellos que prefieren una forma más familiar y tradicional.

Prueba de fuego - prueba de inundaciones - El níquel revestido de cobre amarillo - Cerámica de vidrio grabado al agua fuerte


Story Time

‘Twas a cool fall night as I happily watched the value of my recently purchased bitcoins rise and rise. This happiness, though, was not long lived. It was quickly replaced by anxious thoughts of losing these new precious coins just as easily as they were acquired. I had read horror stories of careless actions resulting in the loss of tens, hundreds, even thousands of coins and decided it would never happen to me. I printed out a fancy paper wallet, transferred my coins, and left it for safe keeping away from the would-be miscreants of the online world.

A couple of weeks later my house burned down. Actually, that didn’t happen. But almost equally as bad, my paper wallet was destroyed by some old plumbing and a careless upstairs neighbor. I felt like such a fool as I realized I had lost many of my coins. That’s when I decided I needed something a little sturdier than a paper wallet. I also figured I may as well get something that could withstand the inevitable house fire that I just joked about, as I routinely jinx myself. But the product I desired did not yet exist, so I had to come up with something myself.

My buddy and I had heard other sad stories related to crypto currency loss and we decided that we should create a product for others to use so that they would never suffer the same inevitable fate as I. Physical Bitcoin and Litecoin products are also truly fascinating to us.

We think the products that we have come up with thus far are the ultimate in cold storage solutions. So please check out our debut solutions below. And stay tuned to our site, Facebook page and Twitter feed because we have many new and exciting ideas in the works for storage and trade of crypto currencies and their derivatives.